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Mark Writes Stuff

Writing to Educate Me and You

Hello, friends and acquaintances! I now write stuff.


I know that sounds very unspecific, but that’s what this blog will be during its first phase and I hope you come along on the ride.

Maybe you know me personally, maybe you know me just as “the German teacher”. I love my work and will continue to teach German, probably until I die. It was always intended as something I work really hard on at first and then automate and outsource more and more. Now I’m at a stage where I can afford to explore new options for myself.

This blog is my way of exploring options. There are many things I’m interested in, many things I want to learn and many ways I can give you, the reader value. That is what I strive for and if I don’t give it to you, feel free to read something else. Even while writing this post I noticed that I still need some practice so I’m also open to constructive criticism if I give you some value, but could do better.

As the blog progresses, I will write about more topics and make it easier for you to find the posts that are relevant to you right now, e.g. through tags and categories. I also intend to introduce you to my many influences, so there will be a special type of tag called “people”.

So what will I write about? Well, everything and anything that interests me at the moment:


I’m very passionate about philosophy and topics will include epistemology, rationality, ethics, and politics.

I think a philosopher who is not controversial is not worth his salt, so I will be both introducing you to philosophers who you might find controversial as well as express opinions you might disagree with very much.

I’m very willing to discuss and hear contrary opinions but will only engage with actual arguments. What an argument is and explaining logical fallacies will also be topics of discussion.


I love programming!


Since my work as a German teacher involves only little programming, I started to miss it but have found opportunities to write programs that help me with my work. They are quite handy, so I will share them, or at least snippets of them.

I will also share some tips and techniques on how to program.

Currently, I am programming in Go, Hugo, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and LaTeX. Ongoing projects are the creation of this site and creating a chatbot (as my personal assistant and for German learners).

I’m also a fan of making life easier with spreadsheets, so I’ll also share some tips on how you can use Excel or Google Sheets to solve all kinds of problems.

Having an Online Presence (for money, learning and fun)

I will share with you what I learned about running an online business (social media, SEO, outsourcing, automation etc.).

You will also learn how to create your own site with little money which will enable you to express yourself further, get a better job, or even run an online business yourself.


Since 2016, I’m a digital nomad – I go from place to place with my laptop.


I’ve been to a couple of countries in Southeast Asia in the last couple of years and am now touring through Europe.

You will not only learn about my journey but also how you can live in the best countries on earth spending less than €500 a month.

What I’m Learning: Book Reviews, Lecture Summaries etc.

I love devouring one non-fiction book after another. Writing a “book report” (i.e. a summary, review and analysis) helps me a lot to retain what I learned, so I’ll be sharing that with you.

I watch lectures and educational videos on YouTube for fun, so I might summarize or at least recommend some of them to you.

Current Events

Once in a while, I will give my two cents on current events and developments. I try to think outside the box and think there are a couple of developments that people need to be aware of but can be easily missed.


I might point to stories I like or even write some of my own, who knows. Certainly not me, ask my muse. πŸ€·β€

I just know that I have two books in me: one non-fiction and one fiction. I know the general topic of both. Maybe I’ll share early drafts of my novel.

A Request


What I would like to ask of you is to just give me constructive feedback once in a while. I invite you, the reader, to help me separate the wheat from the chaff.

Over time, I will specialize more and more, depending on what you like most and what gives me the most pleasure to write. Of course, I need to be passionate about what I do and want it to be something that helps people.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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