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Upcoming Posts

The Catchy Titles to All the Blog Posts I Have Yet to Write

Thank you for checking out my blog! In the next couple of months I will be writing more and more here.

I will write about all the things that I learned in the last years and also about things that I myself need to figure out.

Here’s a list of all the post titles I have thought up. For some reason I get ideas for very catchy blog titles, now I just need to sit down and write them. Please have a look and pick your favorite.


  • How I lived on less than 500 โ‚ฌ a month in Asia or: How to live on xโ‚ฌ a month in beautiful and warm southeast Asia

Rationality / Philosophy / Psychology

(I kind of feel I need to make some things clear before I talk about topics which sound utterly irrational but are, in fact, rational.)

  • What Ayn Rand Taught Me and What She Didn’t
  • How Stefan Molyneux Radicalized Me to the Point of Being Utterly Happy and Successful
  • controversial, adjective: hated by people who don’t know what they are talking about
    • spoiler: In this blog post, I will point out the failure of some haters to pronounce or remember the names of Ayn Rand and Stefan Molyneux. That, of course, doesn’t mean that their point is invalid, it just is a good indication that they don’t really know the position of the thinker.
  • The Great Evil of Shaming People for Their Beliefs
    • spoiler: Inspired by a tweet by @reasonisfun about how people don’t not think, they are just shamed for expressing non-mainstream beliefs.
  • Why we don’t talk about politics
    • spoiler: In essence, it’s about who does violence to whom. I will also touch on the gene wars a.k.a. r/K reproduction strategies.
  • What I learned from Christianity
  • Satanism 101: The Upsides and the Dangers
  • The roots of violence
  • Introduction to Nonviolent Communication
  • You are an Anarchist and here’s why
  • Target used statistics to figure out which customers are pregnant, successfully creeped them out
  • Folding

Series: Steelmanning

  • What is Steelmanning and why should we do it?
    • spoiler: it allows us to connect more with people who we might otherwise deem utterly irrational
  • Steelmanning Christianity
  • Steelmanning Palm Reading
  • The Dangers of Steelmanning
    • spoiler: we still need to push back against irrationality

Personal Development

  • Don’t miss your first rejuve appointment
  • What Jordan Peterson’s Self Authoring Taught Me
  • An hour is an hour, a minute is a minute.
    • spoiler: This will be a reflection on the fact that when you spend an hour doing non-productive stuff, that’s an hour taken away from the time available you could have done something more productive. whatever you decide to do with your hour, you’ll have to live with it.
  • The negativity of Gary Vaynerchuck
    • spoiler: Actually, it’s nothing against my man Gary. I just want to point out that he says he wants everybody to come to his funeral – but what if there is no funeral? Let’s think big and talk defeating death.
  • Don’t be the next Elon Musk, be the next you
    • spoiler: I’m considering including the line “… unless you’re a poser like I was, then try to be a little bit more like Elon Musk please.” Maybe that’s too harsh on myself, but I there have been times where I had a big mouth but didn’t do much about my stated goals. I want to point out that we need role models, sure, but ultimately we need to be ourselves. I loved the Rock saying that as well.

Series: On Being an Atheistic Jesus Freak

  • What is a Christian Atheist?
  • The Transformative Power of Jesus or: What is Agapic Love and Why Should You Care?
  • My Fun Dive Into Christianity or: How Christians Helped Me When I Was Down
  • The Rational Case for Jesus by a Fellow Atheist
    • spoiler: Were you sceptical about meditation and changed your mind? Do you feel emotional about the characters in your favorite series? Well, then you are more of a Christian than you might think.
  • Besides All That, What Have Christians Ever Done For Us?
    • spoiler: Yes, there were some bad things. But come on, let’s be fair and list what they have done that’s good (charity, spreading of Western values etc.). A post giving credit, where credit is due.
  • The Dangers of Christianity
    • spoiler: Unsurprisingly, they’re not that big on longevity science. Plus, all that irrationality about science and epistemology.
  • Living In a Post-Christian Society
    • spoiler: We do, no doubt about it. Let us examine what is good and what is bad about that. Is the cost worth it? How can we find meaning and have rational values?

Building an Online Business

Series: How to Start and Run an Online Business

  • How to Start an Online Business Without Knowing Your Niche
  • How to Make Your First Money Online
  • How to create your own website for free in 1 minute (no joke)
  • How to Get Your First Customer with your Online Business
  • How to Start and Grow an Online Presence
  • One tool every affiliate marketer should use (but few do)
    • spoiler: Whenever I come across one, I’m curious if they use it or a similar one and make a test. Strangely, I have almost never encountered someone else who did use Geniuslink. In the post, I want to let the reader know of its featured and just what makes it so powerful (geolocation).
  • Top online business tools that you don’t know about but should
  • The 3 secrets to writing good clickbait titles (number 2 will surprise you!)
  • Find your avatar and become crazy productive (not just for business people)
  • How to not resent your audience - the last group you’d want to resent!


Series: From Lambs to Wolves – On Libertarians Turned Fascists

  • What is Libertarianism and Voluntaryism?
  • Steelmanning the Libertarian case for conservatism
  • From Lamb to Wolf: Christopher Cantwell a.k.a. The Crying Nazi
  • The Arguments That Turned Libertarians Into Fascist (and Why You Need to Know)
  • Poo Pooing Libertarians: The Danger of Not Engaging With Ideas
  • You could have had Ron Paul, now you got Trump.


  • Git for Dummies – or Complete Noobs Like Me
  • How to use Google Sheets like a Pro


  • Why Static Site Generators Will Replace WordPress (Hugo, Jekyll)

How to Create Your Own Hugo Site in 1 Minute for Free

  1. Create a Github account.
  2. Create a site with Netlify.

Done. That’s it.

Now you check your email and click the link so that you can edit your site with Netlify’s content management system.

Alternatively, you install Git and edit on your site. Though it may seem daunting at first, Git wasn’t as difficult as I always thought. (I use GitHub Desktop, it’s very noob friendly.)

You can edit your files with any text editor but to have a good working environment, use something like Visual Studio Code.

Series: Saying Goodbye to WordPress, Hello to Hugo

  • The Advantages of Hugo to WordPress in Terms of Money, Time, and Freedom
    • spoiler: more freedom through open source (knowing every line of code and being able to build on top of it), comparison of pricing
  • Hugo vs. WordPress: Which is better? | Features and Cost Comparison
  • Language Teaching in Hugo: Displaying Original and Translation Side by Side

Series: Smart Hugo Tricks for SEO

  • Smart Image Compression and Organization in Hugo
    • spoiler: I disagree with the standard practice of having to declare every picture in the frontmatter. Are we programmers or not? I will write about how I just need to drop the file into the page bundle and it automatically gets found, compressed, cropped for facebook and twitter and used as a featured image.
  • Opengraph Data in Hugo like Yoast SEO
  • Displaying SEO Tips in Hugo While You Edit

Series: My Favorite Hugo Snippets

  • People as Taxonomy in Hugo: Smart Name Dropping on Your Site
  • Smart Affiliate Links in Hugo
  • How to extract Wikidata content in Hugo
  • How to extract Wiktionary content in Hugo

Series: Hugo for Beginners

Hugo for Dummies: Problems I Encountered and How to Overcome Them

  • What I wished I knew when I started
    • Don’t create a “child theme”, this isn’t WordPress
    • You can define multiple themes (this still isn’t WordPress)
    • There are so many free features that you’d have to buy in WordPress (because this isn’t WordPress)
    • Static doesn’t mean your favorite features are missing
  • Problem and Solution: Accessing a Private Repo from Netlify


  • Writing Lisa the Bot, a Personal and Customer Assistant


  • Experiments with Huel
  • Intermittent Fasting


  • Extreme Minimalism: How I came to own only 3 kg of stuff
  • Digital Minimalism: What Losing Terrabytes Gave Me In Terms Of Peace of Mind


  • After Listening for 10.000 Hours: My Top 3 Podcast Recommendations
  • My Top Book Recommendations
  • Top Social Networks for Smart People (that you can use instead of Facebook)
    • Goodreads
    • Reddit (certain subreddits, addiction danger)
    • YouTube (people forget it’s a social network - it’s just not text based, also prone to addiction and distraction)
    • Twitter
  • Tools I Use
    • -> free accommodation
    • Using Google Calendar Like a Boss
    • Goodreads -> organization of books I like/want to read
    • bunq/N26/DKB -> banks for minimalism, travelling
    • Sleep as Android
    • Waking Up with Sam Harris
    • Appointlet/Book Like a Boss
    • Couchsurfing/
    • Easybell -> landline number, but VOIP to laptop
    • social media/dating sites reviews
    • moovit -> very handy route planner for every city
    • Google Sheets -> how to get much more out of it with programming
    • Wallet from Budgetbakers
    • 4kdownloader -> no more distractions on YouTube, no more waiting to load, always best quality
    • Toggl
    • Audible
    • Evernote


  • A page called “Now” with everything that is happening now in my life right now: which book I’m reading (via Goodreads widget), where I am, my relationship status etc.
  • My CV
  • All my social media profiles and why I use them
  • My current & past projects
  • My Studies: PDFs from my time at university, my bachelor thesis, other PDFs etc.

What do you think?

Please leave a comment with the blog post title you look forward to the most.

I can’t promise I’ll get to your favorite first – since the whole point of this blog is to write about what I want to write about most –, but knowing there are people out there who are interested would nudge me in the direction of the post. Comment Policy

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