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How to Watch YouTube Without Any Distractions and Save Time

Disable Ads, Video Suggestions, and Comments, Play at Triple Speed

In this post, I will share how you can experience YouTube without any distractions.

For years I’ve faced the problem that I was easily distracted by YouTube and wasted hundreds of hours on it.

However, many educational and inspirational videos on there are worth a watch. Therefore I’ve developed some tricks.


Some tricks you might already know, but I promise you there is at least one you might not have heard of.

The tips are written for desktop users.

Use Adblock (Obviously)

Let’s get the super obvious out of the way: Adblock.

A good adblocker like AdBlock) or Ghostery can you save a lot of time, not just on YouTube.

Personally, I use Brave, a browser based on Chrome, which got ad blocking already integrated. It’s worked wonders and blocks all ads from YouTube.

Remove Distractions via Custom CSS

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s get into what I really want to share.

I created the stylesheet below to improve my YouTube experience and to hide distractions. Besides improving the style, it hides

  • video suggestions in the sidebar or below a vide,
  • videos on the home page,
  • end card videos,
  • comments,
  • and end screen suggestions.

You can put the code into your favorite style extension, maybe Stylebot for Chrome (including Brave) or Stylus for Firefox.

After you installed them, go to (or this awesome video) and apply the following CSS code to the site by copying and pasting it:

Make sure that you apply these options only to and not globally. Also, don’t forget to enable theater mode.

Note that you might not want every option; I don’t use all of them. I’ve marked those with “CONSIDER”. For example, you still might want to see comments or end card videos.

Play Videos at Triple Speed

There is also the option to just download the videos. This will allow you to watch them later in the highest definition available without buffering.

I use 4K Video Downloader and it has always worked very smoothly. I don’t have premium, but apparently, it would allow you to automatically download the videos from channels you selected.

Together with the VLC media player, I can watch YouTube videos in high definition at triple speed!


After I published this post, I got this great suggestion:

Be Fair!

After that is all said, remember that most YouTubers rely on advertising and your support. So make sure you leave creators like me a donation (you can do so here on my other site) and hit those like buttons!

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